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High school students -- Fiction

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

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Farewell Day, 2020

Identifier: vma_2020spring_ye_zikai.pdf

"My thesis project is a narrative short movie, around 20 mins. The story is about three young friends reunites to dig out three bottles they buried when they were high school students. During this journey, three of them have to face their life dilemma." -- Abstract

Dates: 2020

Goodbye Love, 2020

Identifier: pf_2020fall_green_briuana.pdf
Overview "Kendall Allen is a seventeen-year-old high school senior who will do anything to leave Memphis, Tennessee. Seven years ago, Kendall's father, Kenny Allen Sr., a beloved NBA star, was gunned down in downtown Memphis and died in her arms. Kendall longs to graduate and attend Tennessee State University to study music, but her grandmother, Stella, who controls her father's estate, will only fund Kendall's education if she agrees to attend Princeton University. Following an armed robbery of the...
Dates: 2020

Thank You for Applying, 2022

Identifier: pf_2022spring_grafton_kristen.pdf
Overview "High school graduation is fast approaching for senior Marjorie "Jorie" Jorie Haywood, and she's overwhelmed by everything: AP exams, prom committees, musical rehearsals, and her part-time job. food service shifts. Most importantly of all of this are the college applications. Jorie is sethas her heart set on attending the University of Florida, —in her mind, it's a given and always has been—so when UF waitlists her, she spirals, desperately searches desperately searching for a way to impress...
Dates: 2022

The Ways We Learn To Lie, 2019

Identifier: cw_2019fall_bailey_corey.pdf
Overview "When Isaac Goff realizes the future expected of him by his family is not what he wants, he decides to apply to undergraduate school in Hawaii in order to leave the small, southern town of Redwater. He keeps the application secret, afraid to confront his strict parents and finally end the failing-relationship to his longterm boyfriend, Tom. Isaac works diligently to be accepted by the university until the police become involved in the sudden disappearnace [sic] of Tom. Sure that Tom is all...
Dates: 2019

Your Smile, 2019

Identifier: vm_2019spring_yang_haochen.pdf
Overview "It is hard for a lonely person to find a soul-touching relationship with another in this era of social media explosion and smartphone obsession, especially for a retro high school boy in China, who is experiencing the rebellious phase of his youth. He is alienated by other people and he is unwilling to open his mind to others. One day, when he captures an unforgettable smile on a young girl's face through his 35mm film camera, he decides to pick up the first cellphone in his life to chase...
Dates: 2019