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Subject Source: Unspecified ingested source

Found in 10 Collections and/or Records:

Bill Dana Oral History Interview Collection

 Collection — Record carton ACC-MSS 002 Box 01
Identifier: ACC-MSS 002
Scope and Contents The Bill Dana Oral History Collection, 2005-2007, 2016-, consists of sixty-eight audio-visual interviews of a cross section of comedy experts, writers, producers, directors, and noted comedians who have had a direct influence on the history of the art form in the United States Interviews with Bea Arthur, Eddie Brill, Barbara Feldon, Jamie Masada, Vin diBona, Norman Lear, Fred Willard, and Diane English are representative of the diverse experiences that are documented. Among the topics...
Dates: 2005 - 2020

Budd Friedman and Tripp Whetsell collection

 Collection — Shelf Digital
Identifier: ACC-MSS 020
Scope and Contents The Budd Friedman and Tripp Whetsell collection, ca. 2002-2018, consists of 89 audio interview recordings with prominent comedians, producers, comedic writers, actors, singers, directors, talent managers, and journalists. In addition, there is one video documentary about the Improv comedy club, formerly called the Improvisation. The collection is organized into two series.Series 1: Improv Interviews, ca. 2015-2016 is comprised of 74 audio interviews conducted for the book "The...
Dates: ca. 2002 - 2018

Carl L. Tarnstrom Joke Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: ACC-MSS 015
Scope and Contents The Carl L. Tarnstrom Joke Collection is made up of a series of jokes, gags, and "odds and ends" collected and typed up by Tarnstrom himself for a period of over thirty years between the mid-1940s to the early-1980s. He gathered these jokes from television, radio, newspapers, professional comedians, and personal friends. The topics covered by his plethora of collected jokes include: politics, family, athletics, money and financing, sex, marriage, children, gambling, drinking, and many more....
Dates: Mid-1940s to early-1980s

Howard Camner Papers

Identifier: ACC-MSS 021
Scope and Contents This collection contains materials created and collected by Howard Camner between approximately 1976 and 2012 as part of his career as a poet, playwright, screenplay writer, and producer. It includes multiple books written by Camner, including his biography Turbulence at 67 Inches and the Pulitzer Prize nominated Poems from the Mud Room. There are also three original screenplys written by Camner.AV materials...
Dates: 1976 - 2012

Itchy, 2019

Identifier: vm_2019spring_zhou_yimo.pdf
Overview "'Itchy's' strength mainly thanks to the well-written script. After several revisions, the script transit from one-dimensional drama into a mixture of comedy and anti-drama. The dynamic among characters is intriguing and creative. For example, the front desk lady tells a unforgettable story about her husband and how she was trying to slowly kill him, reflects the relationship dynamic between Yuki and Richard. She speaks in a point of view where women (or older married women) taking charge in...
Dates: 2019

Modern Mafia and New Game+, 2023

Identifier: sf_2023spring_kruskal_adina.pdf
Overview "MODERN MAFIA is a half-hour single-camera television comedy pilot which follows an innocent programmer who must prove his loyalty to a very un-conventional Mafia in order for them to spare his life after witnessing a hit. NEW GAME+ is an hour-long television drama pilot which follows a die-hard gamer sucked inside his favorite video game who must use in-depth knowledge of the game's world and mechanics, as well as alliances with with non-player characters, to seek the game's creator and...
Dates: 2023

So Extra, 2019

Identifier: sw_2019spring_hutchins_derek.pdf
Overview "So Extra is a feature length comedy drama about a man who moves to Hollywood in pursuit of his dream: becoming an actor. However, this is easier said than done, and he is forced to find work as a background actor to make ends meet, where he gets to know several other dreamers who help him along the way. The script seeks to explore what it takes to "make it" in Los Angeles and how to cope with the frustrations of constant rejection when all the soul wants is to create, suggesting through use...
Dates: 2019

Tara, 2023

Identifier: sf_2023spring_silver_julia.pdf
Overview "TARA is a feature-length film designed for streaming platforms that tells the story of a young woman who will do anything to get back into the limelight. Set in the year 2010, this Coming-of-Age Comedy follows self-centered Tara, who has recently been kicked off a reality television show after committing a horrendous act. Forced to move back home with her sympathetic but overbearing stepmother, Tara sets her sights on making over a lonely, unwitting teenager in the hopes of becoming the...
Dates: 2023

To the Chapel, 2019

Identifier: sw_2019spring_beatty_marissa.pdf
Overview "To the Chapel is a half-hour network comedy about a young woman in Las Vegas trying to rebel against her family expectations and pursue her own dreams as she starts her photography career at an eclectic wedding chapel on the Strip. Wild Inside is an children's animated television show about an uptight boy who learns to get along with a rambuncious raccoon. Both pilots focus on the theme of finding one's own way in the face of societal pressures as well as the anxieties of starting into the...
Dates: 2019

Wiener, 2023

Identifier: vm_2023spring_peracchio_natalie.pdf

"Wiener (2023) is a surreal comedy about a college admissions tour gone wrong." -- Abstract

Dates: 2023