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Documentary films

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Ark, 2016

Identifier: vm_2016spring_siefert_lynne.pdf
Overview "Ark is an experimental documentary about a cruise ship at the end of the world. In this film we tour the ship and discover through anonymous voices that the present is actually the future." -- Abstract
Dates: 2016

Arthur Barron Collection

 Collection — Record carton MSS 014 Box 01: Series MSS 014-1; Series MSS 014-2
Identifier: MSS 014
Scope and Contents The Arthur Barron Collection contains 34 unbound scripts written, directed, or produced by Arthur Barron and spans film, television, and stage. The scripts were written between 1972 and 1999. Some collection items were filmed and aired while others were never produced or sold. Most scripts in the collection are documentaries. Of note is the script "Blind Sunday" which was produced as an ABC afterschool special and won the 1977 Writer's Guild of America Award for best children's script. A few...
Dates: 1972 - 1999

Cuts, 2018

Identifier: vm_2018fall_zeng_guangya.pdf
Overview "'Cuts' is a documentary about a 47-year-old man's career path and his relationship between his two fathers." -- Abstract
Dates: 2018

Dream Factory, 2022

Identifier: vm_2022fall_nigam_aarushi.pdf
Overview "Dream Factory is a feature-length, hybrid documentary following the "below-the-line" crew of a big-budget Bollywood film. A meditation on the intensely physicial, yet invisible, labor behind India's most popular art form, it is also a personal essay on the magic and contradictions that are the Indian film industry. Borrowing Bollywood's grammar to tell the stories of its most invisible workers, the film delves into the power of storytelling, and raises questions about the price that must be...
Dates: 2022

Export My Love, 2019

Identifier: vm_2019spring_li_jinglin.pdf
Overview "Export My Love is a documentary about four divorced or widowed women trying to persue love by finding U.S. husband. It tries to raise the discussion of how the society treats those single women with kids." -- Abstract
Dates: 2019

"No Historical Precedent", 2021

Identifier: vma_2021spring_hoffman_mae.pdf
Overview "This project is a short documentary about Wendy Carlos, a composer and technical innovator in the field of electronic music. Interviews and monologues detail the difficulties that a group of young transgender people have faced in finding their ancestors' history. The filmmaker recounts her own discovery of Carlos and creates new music in tribute to her influence." -- Abstract
Dates: 2021

Public Servants, 2019

Identifier: vm_2019fall_frank_daniel.pdf
Overview "In the face of paralyzing polarization, disgust in American institutions, and public apathy, there are people who believe that public service is a civic duty and obligation. "Public Servants" is a documentary that takes us close to these volunteers and their chosen candidates, as they campaign for a seat in the US House of Representatives in the 3rd congressional district of Massachusetts. Their simple, daily acts attempt to convince neighbors, family and strangers that democracy is alive and...
Dates: 2019

Send a Voice, 2022

Identifier: vm_2022fall_kopp_aaron.pdf
Overview "A young Lakota mother fights to do the best she can for her children in this poetic meditation on motherhood, trauma, and healing. Send a Voice is a lyrical documentary/fiction hybrid film about Kristina, a young Oglala Lakota mother navigating a hostile world. From the underbelly of Rapid City to the summit of Black Elk's Peak, the project explores the possibility of seeing through the material world to the spiritual. The film is a collaboration between Lakota writer and advocate, Sunny Red...
Dates: 2022

Talking To The Wind, 2019

Identifier: vm_2019spring_sawant_akshaya.pdf
Overview "Talking To The Wind is a feature length documentary about the aftermath of a three year long man-made drought in Maharashtra, India that resulted in mass suicides - numbers reaching 1100 per year. Using a poetic, essayistic and observational approach, the film unfolds the reasons behind these farmer suicides - decades of exploitation of groundwater for short term gains and societal pressures of marrying off their daughters with huge amounts of dowry. Intimate and eyeopening, Talking To The...
Dates: 2019

Thank You I'm Sorry I Love You Goodbye, 2022

Identifier: vm_2022spring_lounds_dominic.pdf
Overview "What is home after immigration and displacement? Family after loss? Memory after dementia? Using interviews with members of my family, this thesis is an attempt to answer those questions for my benefit as well as to prompt viewers to consider such questions for themselves. It is a personal documentary that centers immigrant experiences because it is a narrative that comes from my Jamaican family and uses their words in their voices. The experience exists entirely in virtual reality and so sits...
Dates: 2022

The Backside of God, 2020

Identifier: vma_2020spring_seidel_hogan.pdf
Overview "'The Backside of God' is an experimental documentary utilizing archival footage, digital glitch, chemical abstraction, and direct animation to explore the intricacies of the artist's relationship with their late uncle, Doug Seidel." -- Abstratct
Dates: 2020

"The Mississippi", 2019

Identifier: vm_2019spring_kernan_keely.pdf
Overview "The multiplatform documentary film, "​The Mississippi," reflects back on Pare Lorentz's ​"The River" - 81 years later.​ Historically, it is a present day reflection on what Lorentz so clearly and passionately described in the first twenty minutes of "​The River." To quote Lorentz's script​, the story, the outrage, and the passion that he expressed about the Mississippi River still exists, "Poor land makes poor people." "We built a hundred cities and a thousand towns - But at what a cost." As...
Dates: 2019

The Smog Vanishes, 2019

Identifier: vm_2019spring_xu_siming.pdf
Overview "'The Smog Vanishes' is a short documentary film of 20 minutes long. This film tells a story about the profound effects of smog in Beijing, China, through the observations of a Swedish artist, -​ "Johannes Nielsen" about the changes in his life. The film reveals the struggles of Johannes about his choices concerning his artwork, family and living condition under the smog." -- Abstract
Dates: 2019

Three Feet Over Boston, 2019

Identifier: vm_2019fall_pouttu_ernest abram.pdf
Overview "The documentary film 'Three Feet Over Boston' explores the issue of sea level rise and how it will affect coastal cities, with a focus on the City of Boston. Boston is currently one of the first cities to proactively prepare for the effects of rising sea levels and the consequent vulnerabilities to flooding and storm surges on the landscape, the infrastructure, and the populations of the city. The film will explore how humans will have to contend with climate change in an age where reversing...
Dates: 2019

Visual & Media Arts Department Thesis Media Component Records

 record group
Identifier: RG 044.01
Scope and Contents These records contain compact, digital video, and blue ray discs as well as the corresponding digital files collected from Master of Fine Arts students of the Visual and Media Arts Department as part of their graduation requirements. Included in this collection are documentaries, fictional narrative videos, interactive websites, video games, animations, audiobooks, music, and instructional materials. The subjects of the theses are unrestricted and therefore varied and numerous. Paper components...
Dates: 1995 - ?