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Gender identity -- Fiction

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 4 Collections and/or Records:

Serving face, 2016

Identifier: cw_2016fall_grabeel_noah.pdf

"Serving Face explores sexuality, gender identity, and kink culture in a variety of forms, with particular focus on gender play and queer identity...While not every story is overtly sexual in nature, they all touch on important aspects of queer or LGBT+ identity and culture. The characters vary in demographics, gender, sexuality, and race, but they are all unified in how they come to express non-normative sexuality and gender." --Abstract.

Dates: 2016

The Princess and the Pauper, 2022

Identifier: pf_2022spring_mcgill_isabelle.pdf
Overview "Aisling, crown princess of the small European country Vyctorya, tries her best to live up to her parents' expectations but internally struggles with her sexuality. With her marriage to the Duke of Belare a week away, she has resigned herself to a loveless fate. Chava, a girl from America, is reeling from her father's death a year ago which resulted in a move back to her mother's home country of Vyctorya. With the anniversary approaching, Chava feels more lost than ever with no support from...
Dates: 2022

The Retreat & Figuring It Out, 2021

Identifier: sf_2021spring_durkin_colleen.pdf
Overview "THE REREAT is an hour long original dramedy pilot that dives head first into the ever enticing world of cults and how they operate, showcasing how susceptible we all are to the kind of tactics used by many infamous groups today. It explores how far curiosity can take you. The story underneath is about two friends trying to keep their sanity in pursuit of the truth, all with a little bit of humor and fun. This script is in line with a larger body of work which supports representation of...
Dates: 2021

Your Life, Without You, 2020

Identifier: cw_2020spring_walker_alexa.pdf
Overview "This novel explores the idea of isolation provoked by envy and the crisis of gender identity politics. After the disappearance of the young woman Isabella, her envious best-friend Helen must join a suspected cult called New Life in order to uncover their involvement. She finds instead that the woman she knows as Isabella has left this universe and traversed into another where they can embrace their true identity as a man. The only way for Helen to make contact with the person formerly known...
Dates: 2020