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Spirits -- Fiction

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 5 Collections and/or Records:

575 Main Street, 2023

Identifier: pf_2023spring_traniello_annamaria.pdf
Overview "575 Main Street explores the life of Vincent Hayes as he attempts to start over with his family and escape past abuse. Vincent's journey of self discovery begins at a young age when he learns that he has the ability to see ghosts, an obstacle that overtakes his sanity. The constant paranoia causes Vincent to lash out on the people closest to him resulting in leaving everything behind. Vincent now has nothing and must suffer working for free as a janitor to have a roof over his head. While...
Dates: 2023

Signs and Wonders, 2023

Identifier: pf_2023summer_hieber_leah.pdf
Overview "Yaeli, a young female rabbi, accepts her first rabbinical position in Siuslaw Oregon, the site of her greatest secret regret. She fears encountering her former best friend, Molly, whom Yaeli abandoned the morning after their secret wedding. Yaeli fears that Molly might still be living in Siuslaw and that an encounter might force them to confront this painful memory. While serving as the Siuslaw rabbi, Yaeli receives a surprise visit from her estranged twin brother, Danny, who she believes...
Dates: 2023

Teen Nun and Shady Heights, 2021

Identifier: sf_2021spring_ortiz_edlin.pdf
Overview "Thirteen-year-old Betty Garcia has just moved to Anaheim, CA. It's Betty's first day at the local Catholic school, to Betty's chagrin -- she's Agnostic. Betty is determined to dislike everything about school, but when she meets and quickly develops a crush on ultra-cool Roxana, things start looking up. After Roxana almost catches Betty staring at her, Betty hides behind her textbook and reads about Sor Juana De La Cruz, a 17th century nun who defied the church clergy in her teens. Soon...
Dates: 2021

The Tale of Pamuya, 2022

Identifier: pf_2022fall_rhodes_camia.pdf
Overview "Pamuya is a spirit who fell from the heavens to rescue a human boy from drowning. By saving his life, she committed the ultimate taboo, and was banished from the heavens to live with the boy as a mortal on earth. However, their love for each other did not last, and both died. Now they have been reincarnated. Annalee must figure out who she was in her past life. They must figure out how to mend the fences of the past and move on with their futures. But, unbeknownst to either of them, another...
Dates: 2022

The View From Monday, 2023

Identifier: cw_2023spring_cortes_marissa.pdf
Overview "Sonnie has been able to see ghosts since she was revived on an operating table at twelve years old. Now at twenty, it's just an everyday part of her life – and why she's always late for her cashier shifts at the local drugstore. She helps ghosts pass on to another plane, all the while hoping to understand what happened to her late brother's ghost. Her coworker Murphy is understanding. He's been dead for the last seven years, courtesy of his ex-girlfriend binding Murphy's spirit to his...
Dates: 2023